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Emily Talmadge West Sussex Dog Trainer


Dog Nerd Training is a small West Sussex dog training business, based in Storrington, run by Emily Talmadge CTDI. We create training success with you and your dog through science-based solutions and good habit building, whilst making training fun!

South Downs West Sussex


Emily is a fully qualified dog trainer, puppy training specialist, and certified trick dog instructor (CTDI) with 5+ years of experience in the industry. She is also well known for her educational dog training graphics, which she uses to proudly spread up-to-date training information across the web.

When training she uses science-based, force-free training methods alongside games-based training. She also focuses on good habit-building for both dog and owner using worldwide recognised habit-building methods, this allows owners to keep motivated with their training so they can get the long-term results they need.

Her focus and hope for her clients is that they will gain a true love of learning about their dogs and through their time with us they too will also begin to call themselves a 'Dog Nerd'.

Emily Talmadge Dog Trainer and Suzi Jack Russell Terrier
Happy Jack Russell Terrier


Suzi was Emily's dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, that was rescued from Dogs' Trust. She lived to almost 18 years of age, passing in March 2024, and was always learning new things with Emily well into her twilight years. She even achieved becoming a champion-level trick dog!​

Suzi's favourite things were going on walks where she could pose for photos and chase rabbits; taking a nap in a comfortable (preferably sunny) spot; getting bum scratches, and tricking her humans into giving her extra food and titbits with her big brown eyes and non-stop wagging tail.


South Downs West Sussex


Jack Russell Terrier Dog Training


We want to inspire our clients to truly learn about their dogs and how to help them succeed throughout their life, and we aim to do this by being there to support them every step of the way. Our small business model allows for the 1-2-1 attention and ongoing assistance our clients need in order to succeed long term. Making our service a true partnership between us and our clients. 

We are the right fit for you if you are genuinely interested in learning more about your dog and how to make their life better, if you wish training was fun and don't tend to take yourself too seriously, and if you want specialist advice and a training plan tailored to you and your dog that is proven to get you the results you need.


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